Creative Ideas to use Waste


When a person has used something in their home they often consider it to be waste. Instead of throwing out used items there are many creative things with waste materials that can be made to decorate the home.
Old bottle caps can be used to make chimes. The bottle caps can be painted and a hole can be made in the center of them. These caps can then be attached to a string and will make some nice chimes.
Instead of throwing tins cans out they can be made into lanterns. The cans can be painted in just about any color or design. Small holes are made in the top of the can so wire can be inserted. Add enough wire for the can to be able to hang. Once the can is painted tea lights are placed in the bottom and they can be used to light up a sitting area of a pathway outside.
These are some of the creative ways that a person can use their waste. This will help keep the waste out of landfills and give it a new look.